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Multi-Objective-OPT Dialog About Tab

The Multi-Objective-OPT About tab is displayed if you click the About tab on the Multi-Objective-OPT dialog. The About tab displays the current Multi-Objective-OPT version, copyright information, and serial information. In addition, it has a Serial button and a Copy button.

Multi-Objective-OPT About Tab graphic

Serial Button

Clicking the Serial button displays a New Serial dialog where you may enter a new serial.

Copy Button

Clicking the Copy button causes the information displayed on the About tab to be copied to the system clipboard.

Multi-Objective-OPT has been developed by OPTIMUM Power Technology. For more information, contact:
500 Millers Run Road    P.O. Box 509     Morgan, PA 15064     Phone: 412-257-9070     Fax: 412-257-9011