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If you have already downloaded and installed either Global-OPT of Multi-Objective-OPT, these spreadsheets also contain the optimization setups! 
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Trig Problem:
This is a very simple single variable nonlinear trigonometry function, the sum of the sin of an angle in degrees plus a linear function of the angle. It demonstrates significant major differences between Global-OPT and the excel “Solver”. Global-OPT is not starting point dependent. Global-OPT is much faster than “genetic algorithms”. Global-OPT is very simple to use! Both “Solver” and Global-OPT solutions are pre-setup for your convenience. Try to find the global min and global max and try to find the angle where the Trig Function has the value of 1.5.

Download the Trig Spreadsheet

3up 3 down graphic

3 Up / 3 Down Problem:
Based on a 3D plot, Z is the Objective of the 2D X,Y 'Design Space'.  Use Global-OPT to determine the global minimum and maximum values of Z.

Download the 3 Up/3 Down Spreadsheet

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Egg Crate:
This surface contains multiple 'local' mins/maxes. Use Global-OPT to find the absolute min/max of the entire design space!.

Download the Egg Crate Spreadsheet

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2-Bar Linkage Position Task:

2-Bar Linkage Position Task:
The objective of this Task is to determine the angles Theta1 and Theta2 that will position the indicated location of the second bar labeled B2 at the X,Y coordinates (4,1). You can use Global-OPT to “Minimize” the location error OBJECTIVE in cell B27 to solve this problem. Or you can use Multi-Objective-OPT and specify two Objectives, Match X=4 and Match Y=1. Global-OPT will give you one solution stored in the worksheet and Multi-Objective-OPT will provide both solutions in its Status display with the best one stored in the spreadsheet.

Download the 2-Bar Linkage

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8 Coefficient Exponential Curve Fit:

Complex curve fitting is an important common optimization application. The 10 variable version of Global-OPT can solve this problem in approximately 20 seconds. The Multi-Objective-OPT can find 2 or more very different solutions to this problem.

Download the Combustion Curve Spreadsheet

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Gearbox Design Optimization Task:

This is a multi-objective discrete variable design optimization task. It is a discrete problem because its four design space variables are the number of teeth on the four gears which all must be integers. There are 3 Objectives for this Task. The first Objective is to closely Match the overall gear ratio of the gear box to an ideal value of 6.931 to 1. However, acceptable overall ratios can fall between 6.7 and 7.2 if necessary to achieve all of the objectives of the task. The second Objective is to decrease the overall width of the gear train with a Target value of 18 cm. The third Objective is that the lower limit on clearance between the outer edge of Large Gear 1 and the center of the shaft for Large Gear 2 is 1.7 cm. This problem requires Multi-Objective-OPT.

Download the Gear Ratio Spreadsheet

Global-OPT, Multi-Objective-OPT, and DOES have been developed by OPTIMUM Power Technology. For more information, contact:
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