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Pareto Options Dialog

The Pareto Options dialog is presented in response to clicking the Pareto Analysis menu item from the Iteration Status Window. The Pareto Options dialog has an X Objective listbox and a Y Objective listbox as well as OK, Cancel and Help buttons.

Pareto Options Dialog graphic

X and Y Objective Listboxes

The X and Y Objective listboxes include all Objectives that are in the current Iteration. Select the Objective for the X and Y axes of the Pareto Analysis and click the OK button. The dialog will not permit you to select the same Objective for both the X and Y axis.

OK Button

Clicking the OK button dismisses the Pareto Options dialog and displays a Pareto Analysis tab.

Cancel Button

Clicking the Cancel button dismisses the Pareto Options dialog and does not create a Pareto Tab.

Help Button

Help will bring up this information.

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