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Multi-Objective-OPT Dialog Options Tab

The Options tab shows a list of checkboxes that correspond to options that you may set.

Multi-Objective-OPT Options Tab graphic

The Options tab has the following items.

Close Iterating form when Iteration Completes Checkbox

This option corresponds to the Auto-Close Checkbox on the Iterating Dialog. This option is saved and restored across Multi-Objective-OPT starts.

Save And Reclaim Points From Previous Iterations Checkbox

This option instructs Multi-Objective-OPT to save Iteration result data across Multi-Objective-OPT starts. If this option is not checked, any Iteration result data will be lost after closing the Multi-Objective-OPT dialog. This option is saved and restored across Multi-Objective-OPT starts.

Show advanced Objective Target Attributes Checkbox

When this option is checked, Multi-Objective-OPT always displays the Objective Target attributes list in the Objective Dialog. When not checked, the Objective Target attributes list is displayed only for Band and Limit Objectives. Checking this option permits entry of advanced Objective Target attributes such as Ceiling, Upper Limit, Cost Over, Cost Under and Floor for Minimize, Match and Maximize Objectives. If you change this option, you must restart Multi-Objective-OPT for the change to take effect.

Automatically Check For Product Updates Checkbox

When checked, this option causes Multi-Objective-OPT to periodically check the OPTIMUM Power Technology FTP site for service packs and if found, gives you an opportunity to download a service pack.

Multi-Objective-OPT has been developed by OPTIMUM Power Technology. For more information, contact:
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